Our story

Our story is a simple one...

Just like you, we were having fun with our Cheerson CX-10 and it's offspring. However we felt quite a bit limited.

Just as the limited feeling when controlling a Parrot AR-Drone 2 with our mobile phone.

Control was just not as precise as we would like and where used to with our regular RC transmitters.

We also knew there was more potential in our drones.

How can this be fixed?

This is question we asked ourselves and we decided to see if we could come up with a solution. We made an extension for our RC transmitter.

Well, since our friends also like it and asked if they could buy one, maybe it is time we take away the frustration with limited control and range for rest of the world also.

Here you are, looking a the product that came out of it, and the webshop so you also can enjoy more control.


Yes, true you can ... (as you expected) ;)